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Chapter 3 Ordinary Day page 43

December 22nd, 2018, 6:50 pm
3.3 Missing Information
Felipe: Hey Morio!
—How’s Emmie?
Morio: Emmie is very well. Thank you.
Felipe: That’s good! It’s great you found family! (It’s really cute, ha ha)
*Felipe’s image of Emmie, based on conversations with Morio*
[Mini earthmover]
“Emmie”: Hello! My name is Emmie! *dust dust* Little kids play with me! I can clean things too! I love sheep!
[“Emmie is smaller than I am.” “But bigger than, say, me?” “Emmie is smaller.” “Huh, OK.”]
["Emmie is a newer M-series. Emmie has fluffy hair like sheep. Like you.”]
(Felipe: I have hair like sheep? What)
[“Emmie loves sheep. Emmie has a sheep backpack and sleeps with a stuffed sheep named Ranran.”]
("Emmie": zzzz)
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