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Chapter 3 Ordinary Day page 32

December 22nd, 2018, 6:39 pm
Ann: She’s had more energy lately, almost like she’s getting better.
—But then she started dreaming about—or seeing, I don’t know anymore—that boat on the water. For days! 
—Heh... when we were kids, she’d get mad if anyone mentioned water at night. It made her want to pee. It's so silly... and it's all so strange to me.
—Could it be the pain meds? 
Morio: It is unlikely. She is lucid. 
—I checked everything while I talked with her.
—Including oxygen. All stable or better than normal.
Ann: That’s good.
Morio: I can only estimate based on historical data, but…
—We should keep a close eye on her. Her condition may change soon. It may not be long.
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