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Chapter 3 Ordinary Day page 20

December 22nd, 2018, 6:27 pm
Emmie: So many people… (This place is big and confusing…) I’ve never been to this park before… (Getting tired...)
(Messagebot Maiji: Haroo *fwip fwip*)
Emmie: ...A message!
—“Dear Emmie, here is a map of where I am. And just in case, first, please don’t forget to shade your eyes because the sun can damage your sensors. After you do that, please look up and find the sheep in the sky with your name on it. I will be underneath it. Yours truly, Morio.”
*rummage rummage* Lens protectors!
*squint* *zoom*
(Hello Emmie)
Emmie: I see it!! Just like Morio said!!
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