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Chapter 2 Morio page 54

December 21st, 2018, 8:59 pm
Buddy: Excuse me, sir. Could you kindly help your children keep the noise levels down? If it’s too disruptive, we have to ask you to leave. We hope to not have to do that.
Morio: I’m sorry. I will do my best.
Emmie: (B-But I’m the nanny…!)
—(I’m the nanny! That’s me!)
—Wren, I need your help! *whisper whisper* I don’t wanna get kicked out!  Can you help me make sure we’re super-duper quiet?
Wren: *nod* Quiet! 
(Emmie: shhh
Wren: *giggle*
Emmie: shhhhh *giggle* shhh)
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