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Chapter 2 Morio page 49

December 21st, 2018, 8:54 pm
Wren: Do they die?
(Emmie: Wren said the “D” word!!)
Morio: From being very very sick? Yes, they can. 
(Emmie: Morio said the “Y” word!!)
Morio: We help them to be as comfortable and peaceful as possible.
Wren: Oh.
(Emmie: What’s Wren gonna say now...?)
Wren: ...
—Emmie was a bum before they became my nanny! *point*
Emmie: (WHAT) WREN!!
(Wren: You said you were a bum. And you said—
Emmie: Your mom said not to use those words!!)
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