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Chapter 1 A Curiosity page 19

December 21st, 2018, 8:01 pm
1.1 Goeen Maow
Emmie: Meester Bug sai meenee mashmawo.
Susan (off-screen): Yes, Mister Bug is about the size of a mini marshmallow.
Emmie: Buh Meester Bug naw mashmawo. Meester Bug no goeen me maow.
Susan: That's right. Mister Bug does not go in your mouth.
Emmie: Mashmawo goeen maow.
Susan: Uh huh.
Emmie: Foo goeen maow.
Susan: Yes, food goes in your mouth.
Emmie: Kanggy goeen maow.
Susan: Mm-hmm, candy too.
Emmie: Dees goeen maow.
Susan: NO THEY DON'T!!
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