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Chapter 0 Labour page 61

December 21st, 2018, 7:01 pm
Wren: *point* What’s that on your shirt?
Emmie: It’s a sheep!
Wren: What’s the F for?
Emmie: F is for female. (It’s a girl sheep.) Do you like sheep?
Wren: No.
Emmie: *SHOCK*
(Hana: Sweetie, be nice. 
Wren: *giggle*) 
Emmie: What… what do you like?
Wren: I
(Emmie: Uh huh)
Wren: like
—Horsies!! (Giddyaaap)
(Emmie: Ohhh horsies are cool too~
Wren: Giddyap giddyap)
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