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Chapter 0 Labour page 57

December 21st, 2018, 6:57 pm
Child: *peek* *giggle*
Emmie: (A baby too! That’s rare to see…)
Mr. Jīn-Lán: Yes, we need a zookeeper for our monkey. 
Mrs. Jīn-Lán: Dear!
—We have two monkeys now.
(Child: I’m not a monkeyyy)
Mr. Jīn-Lán: Oh, that’s right. (haha)
(Emmie: Wow you have monkeys too??)
XIÀ: Mr. Jīn-Lán travels a great deal for business. Mrs. Jīn-Lán will be returning to work as well.
Mr. Jīn-Lán: (We just call them monkeys. I’m George) 
Mrs. Jīn-Lán: (I’m Hana)
Emmie: (Ohh I see! I’m Emmie. Nice to meet you!)
—What’s your name?
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