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Chapter 0 Labour page 54

December 21st, 2018, 6:54 pm
Messagebot Maiji: *fwip fwip fwip* You’ve got a message from XIÀ!
Emmie: Boss scheduled a last minute interview for this afternoon?!
(Messagebot Maiji: *fwip fwip fwip*)
—Waah thanks for the tea Mrs. G! Don’t eat too many gummies at once and don’t forget to change your password! *nomnom* Have a great afternoon! Byebyeseeyoulater!
Mrs. G: Bye bye, good luck!
(Messagebot Maiji: *fwip fwip* My work here is done)
Mrs. G: ...What was the new password again? (so complicated)
—...It’s so much easier to just make a new account...
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