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Chapter 0 Labour page 46

December 21st, 2018, 6:46 pm
Mrs. G: What happened to your face?
Emmie: Ah, I was with a kitty and I got scratched… (It’s OK,  it’ll heal pretty quick)
Mrs. G: Put those bags down and go wash your face and hands. I’ve got some restorative cream that will do wonders! (It’s good for synthetic skin too!)
*wash wash*
*slather slather*
Emmie: *sparkle* (So soft <3 Thank you!)
—Lemme help you put stuff away. 
—Uh, how come you ordered those things?
Mrs. G: I just felt like it. 
Emmie: (Should you be eating so many gummies?)
Mrs G: (Powerful dentures hohoho)
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